Printer settings

I know you’re all familiar with how to set your file to print. There are a few hidden settings, however, that can drastically improve the output quality of your files. It’s very simple, once you find them. Here’s how:

Print dialog box, GENERAL: Select the number of copies, range etc.

Print dialog box, MARKS & BLEED: Make sure you have your crop marks and bleed set up. You will be able to see if they’re correct in the small preview box on the bottom left.

Next click ‘printer‘ at the bottom (circled in magenta), to specify the quality of your output.

Click ‘ok’ for the warning.

In the Layout pull-down menu, select print settings.

You will now be able to adjust your  settings by choosing the media type. Clicking advanced will let you ‘uncheck’ the high speed setting.

Once you’ve got your settings ready, click print on this window, which will bring you back to the standard print dialogue box. Click ‘print’ there too and you’re off!


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