Paper Choices

These papers are made specifically for use on inkjet printers. They are designed to get the best color and image reproduction. Various coatings make this possible.

For vibrant colors, I’ve gotten the best results, by far, with Moab paper. You’ll need to look at the samples at the store to figure out what finish you want (matte, gloss, luster, etc.) I’m sure you can buy it online. Here in town, it’s available at Pro Photo Supply.

Also available at Pro Photo Supply are many Epson papers.

As with the Moab, there are various finishes that you’ll want to check out in person, if possible. Your choice depends on the application. Stores aimed at professionals like Pro Photo Supply and Arvey Paper should have swatch books for you to see examples of each kind before you buy.

As far as I know, you are generally at the mercy of the print shop that has the laser printers you are using. Perhaps they will let you use paper of your own, but generally, I doubt they will, as that’s a risk for their machine. That said, based on work students have turned in to me, I know that places like Clean Copy give a pretty nice paper selection (not just white), for use with their laser printer. It’s up to you to do the research to find out what papers a given service bureau offers ahead of time.


If you’re going for a special feel and want paper with a color or texture (ie: papers that are made more for stationary use or offset printing—not made for use specifically on inkjet printers), you MUST experiment make sure the reproduction is of good enough quality. When I’m looking for unique papers, I usually go to Paper Zone. I get a few sample sheets to test on and then return to get more if the print quality is good.


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