Show + Tell tomorrow

Eli No! created by this week’s Show & Tell guests: Eight Hour Day!


Tomorrow in room 160 at 12pm: Show and tell with Eight Hour Day.


No class Wednesday, Final project turn in on Tuesday

See you Tuesday, December 5, at 10:15 in our regular classroom to turn in and show off your final projects. Phew!

Happy TG and Tuesday’s critique

Hey y’all.

Just a reminder to use this vacation wisely to prepare for Tuesday’s critique. It will be the last for the term. There is no specific number of variations, as some of you are nearly done and some have quite a bit of refinement to do. Do as many as you need to do in order to show the best options and get the best feedback.

Thursday we may, or may not meet, depending on Tuesday’s critique. You may turn your work in on Thursday if you like, or as late as Tuesday, December 6—your choice.

Look how accommodating I am. What a teacher!

Design Thinking with Nicole Lavelle

Check it out! This is offered next term (ART111, CRN 45615.) and might be a great for you:

This course addresses what graphic design is and examines the ways in which design engages the world. Students explore the language and media of graphic design, considering its conceptual and practical methodologies and generating an understanding of the ways it can be framed, made, and used. This overview will foster a more nuanced understanding of the larger discourse of graphic design.

Read more here.

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Grid PDF presentations

For your reference, if you like:


Reminder: Gemma Correll Show + Tell today!

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