Buying a Printer

Okay. So we discussed printers in class and I wanted to give you some ideas of good buys:

Epson Stylus 1400
This printer lets up print up to 13×19 (which means you can print 11×17 with a bleed)! Ink will not be cheap though. It takes 6 cartridges. You can use imitation ink for a fraction of the cost, but results can be mixed. Research that further if you’re interested. The price these days is great: $191 at Amazon

Epson Workforce 30
This is a cheapie, but it can be great for web print-outs and process work. Takes 4 ink cartridges. $69.99 at Amazon.

Of course there are many, many more models, that you’ll need to research yourself. Some have scanners included, which can be helpful. If you have the means right now, I’d really recommend having a printer at home so you can print research and process whenever you need to, review it, and then quickly get back to working.


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