Dispatch from ‘The Green Group’

We’re taking the Green Room to a WHOLE. NOTHER. LEVEL.

Stop by and take advantage of the company, skills and conversation that the Green Room volunteers have to offer!

BIG thanks to advisory board member Randi Haugland for putting this together!


Missing vitamins are with me!

Hey there,

For those of you who couldn’t find your vitamins, I have them. I wanted to take a few quick shots of them before returning them. I’ll be placing them in the drawer (if there’s space) at about 2pm today.

Sorry for the delay!




Cummulative Grade email

Hi again!

Looks like I finally got the email server to work. Let me know if you didn’t receive your grade (PSU email address).

Grades and project pick-up

Hey Everyone,

I’ve put your projects in the Annex for pick-up. Beware that the buildings are closed from 12/24 to 1/2.

I’ve also tried to email each of you your cumulative grade forms. Bear with me as I’m getting used to this feature of my grading software. Please let me know if you don’t get it shortly and I’ll send it manually.

Have a great break and see you around next term!

Storing your work

Also…if there’s not enough room in the 224 box, please feel free to store your work in one of the other 2 sitting on top of the drawers. 🙂

Clarification for today

Just in case you’re unclear, we won’t be meeting today. Please drop your work off in the box provided on top of the drawers outside the classroom.

Have a good break!

Projects due Tuesday, 12/6

Place them in the provided box on top of the drawer.

I’ll post another note once they are ready for pick up.

Thanks y’all!